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Heat pump systems – Simply safe planning

Simple, safe, plannable - the online software NOVELAN Konzept calculates a wide range of components and offers you, the user, uncomplicated calculation and optimization of heat pump heating systems. Your advantage: With NOVELAN Konzept, heat pump systems can not only be planned, but also optimized – user-friendly, practice-oriented and profitable. The software is based on the calculation of important operating factors such as the annual performance factor, the temperature response in the heat source and the operating costs. Based on your specified system data of the heating system, these operating parameters are calculated and simulated. This allows you to predict the operation of the heat pump.


  •  Selection of the right heat pump taking into account the type of building, heat demand and temperature requirements, etc.
  • Planning reliability through dimensioning check and storage of regional climate data
  • Reliable forecast of savings potentials
  • Simple and fast operation
  • Planning in just a few steps
  • Online solution – no installation necessary
  • Advice on economic efficiency
  • Detailed report to print and download
  • System comparison


  • Dimensioning of the heat pump according to building, system and location
  • Simulation according to DIN EN 14825 (SCOP)
  • Electricity consumption and costs separated according to heating and hot water
  • Operating costs – comparison with oil, gas (from end of 2015 also comparison with pellets and electricity)
  • CO² savings compared to oil and gas
  • Annual investment costs, taking into account the service life of the components and interest

Technical conditions:

To run the software in a browser, Internet Explorer Version 6 or higher should be used. In addition, JavaScript must be enabled. If other browsers are used, there may be limitations in usability.

A gradient starts from the top with white until black and then again to the bottom until white.

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