Combining heat pumps with photovoltaics

Heat pumps and photovoltaic systems are a real dream duo. The combination allows the solar electricity produced to be used directly for heat production. In this way, expensive grid electricity is avoided and instead, renewable energy is used. The economic efficiency of the photovoltaic system is also increased, as less solar power is fed into the public grid. So the combination not only does good for the environment, but is also easy on the wallet.

simply environmentally friendly heating

using renewable energy even more efficiently

Use green electricity - protect the climate

The combination of heat pumps and photovoltaic systems not only saves money in the wallet, but also protects the climate in particular.

A photovoltaic system uses solar cells to convert sunlight into electricity, which is 100% renewable. Heat pumps also draw their energy from the environment, using environmental heat from the air, the ground, or water. However, to make the environmental heat usable, it requires a small amount of electricity. So if you combine the two components, the photovoltaic system can cover part of the heat pump's electricity needs with solar power. This reduces CO2 emissions and protects our climate. If the heat pump is powered exclusively by solar electricity, it operates completely CO2-free.

Kombination Wärmepumpe und Photovoltaikanlage

Is the solar power sufficient for the heat pump?

The photovoltaic system covers only part of the heat pump's electricity requirements. How high this share is depends on the size of the system as well as the weather conditions. Also, the own power demand for other devices is decisive on how much solar power is available for the operation of the heat pump.

Unlike the heat pump, the photovoltaic system's electricity production depends on solar radiation. While enough solar power can be produced on sunny days to power the heat pump, an electricity alternative must be resorted to on dull winter days.

Advantages of combining a photovoltaic system and a heat pump

The combination of a heat pump and a photovoltaic system brings many advantages, which we explain here:

  • The self-generated solar electricity can be used to operate the heat pump.
    If the self-produced solar electricity is used, there is less dependence on electricity suppliers. The decentralized energy supply therefore also reduces the load on the power grids.
  • The costs for electricity and heating are reduced.
    Self-produced solar electricity can be used directly on site and no costs are incurred.
  • Less CO2 emissions due to the use of renewable solar power.
    Heat pumps heat with energy from the environment and use renewable energy. If solar power is used for the heat pump, the carbon footprint of the heat pump is further improved.
  • The economic efficiency of the PV system enhances by the increased self-consumption rate.
    The return on investment of the PV system improves by the operation of the heat pump. In this way, unconsumed PV surpluses are avoided.