For long-lasting enjoyment with your device

Heat pumps are multi-talented: Because they are not only a climate-friendly alternative to oil and gas heating, they are also the only heating system that can cool. In general, heat pumps are considered to be extremely low-maintenance, but like any other technical device, they require regular inspection and care. This will ensure that you get many years of enjoyment from your heat pump while providing efficient operation.

Why does a heat pump need maintenance?

In order to operate your heat pump system efficiently in the long term, we recommend having us perform annual maintenance. Through regular maintenance and the connected plausibility check of the settings on the controller, further optimization potential of the heat pump can be exploited together with the performing technician.
Therefore, an even more efficient operation of the device may be possible. A possible failure of individual components and the resulting complete failure of the system can also be prevented. If a different maintenance interval is desired, this can also be implemented by us.

Vulnerable components of a heat pump

The operating principle and components of a heat pump are similar to those of a familiar refrigerator. Usually, these are not vulnerable to malfunctions and problems. Ground collectors and ground probes of a brine/water heat pump have a practically infinite service life. This is somewhat different with a water/water heat pump: Because in this case, the heat source is not maintenance-free. The wells are exposed to aging processes and contamination as well as sedimentation can occur. Therefore, it is necessary to perform a regular visual inspection of the wells as part of maintenance and to clean them if necessary.

Service life of a heat pump

The heat pump, like any other technical device, is a useful one. In order to enjoy the heat pump for a long time, good care of the device is essential. The average service life of a heat pump is approximately 15 to 20 years.

Mainentance intervals of a heat pump

Unlike for oil or gas heating systems, there are no legal requirements for maintenance for heat pumps. Regular visits by a chimney sweep are also not required when choosing a heat pump as a heating system. Nevertheless, a heat pump should be serviced regularly, usually between one and three years, to ensure trouble-free operation and a long service life.

Often, maintenance does not require a professional to be on site, as in most cases it can be serviced remotely.

How much does it cost to maintain a heat pump?

The cost of maintaining a heat pump varies depending on the type of heat pump as well as the maintenance required. Air/water heat pump maintenance is often more costly than brine/water heat pump maintenance. As a rule, the cost of maintenance is between 200 and 400€. If additional parts of the heat pump need to be replaced or repaired, the specialist tradesman will charge extra for this.