The one heat pump for all occasions.

The Helox air/water heat pumps with 5 and 8 kW provide new homes with highly efficient heating, domestic hot water and cooling. Especially for modernizing heating systems in existing buildings and supplying heat to large new buildings, we offer two new heat pumps with maximum heating outputs of 10 and 13 kW. They can be easily connected to existing radiators and, with their modern design, fit perfectly into any installation site.

Helox - highly efficient propane heat pump for new constructions and renovations

With four sizes, our Helox series covers all areas of application. The air/water heat pump with climate-friendly propane technology is suitable for new constructions with surface heating as well as for bivalent operation in old buildings or multi-storey residential buildings. The multifunctional units can not only heat and provide domestic hot water, but can also switch to cooling mode in combination with underfloor heating.

*The technical data are preliminary values that may change slightly until series production.

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Helox 16 heats building with three residential units

The NOVELAN Helox 16 heat pump has brought about a remarkable change in the heat supply of an apartment building built in 1996.

By replacing a gas boiler with an efficient and environmentally friendly heat pump, the air/water heat pump provides enough power to heat the entire living space of 270 m² in a reliable and climate-friendly way.

Its compact dimensions and quiet operation made it easy to install in the entrance area of the property. Discover how the owners were not only able to significantly reduce their energy consumption by switching to the HELOX 16, but also how they make optimum use of the self-generated electricity from their PV system.

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Which indoor unit suits you?

To operate your Helox outdoor unit optimally, one of our customized indoor units is required. We offer three different models to tailor your heating solution to your individual needs and the specifics of your home. Regardless of whether you prefer maximum flexibility with our wall-mounted controller or the space-saving plug-and-play solution of our innovative hydraulic tower with integrated hot water and buffer tank - the decision is up to you and your specialist partner.

Wall controller

Hydraulic module

Hydraulic station

Wall Controller
- flexible and precise

Our WR wall controller is equipped with the latest Luxtronik 2.1 technology, which enables precise control. It can be individually combined with various storage tanks and accessories available on the market. The wall-mounted controller has an outdoor temperature sensor, an operating hours counter and a diagnostic program to optimally adjust and monitor your heating output. It is supplied with a flow sensor and a pump and offers you maximum flexibility during installation.

Hydraulic Module
- easy installation due to prefabriation

Our hydraulic module offers the perfect balance between individuality and installation effort for your Helox indoor unit. Thanks to the integration of a wall-mounted controller, a heating element and a pre-assembled hydraulic circuit, installation of the module is extremely straightforward. You have the option of adding the hot water tank individually, which offers you additional flexibility. When replacing the heating system, it may even be possible to continue using the existing tank.

Hydraulic Station
- All-in-One-Solution

Our hydraulic station with Luxtronik controller offers a compact plug-and-play solution that is specifically tailored to the needs of your heat pump, regardless of your preferred Helox model. For Helox 5 and 8 models, we offer a hydraulic station with an in-line buffer tank and an optional hot water tank of either 180l or 280l.

For the Helox 11 and 16 models, a hydraulic station with an integrated 280 l hot water tank and an 85 l separating buffer tank is available. This configuration enables efficient decoupling of the hydraulic circuits between the heat pump and the heating circuit - particularly suitable for renovation projects where the existing pipe installation is not always compatible with heat pumps. Closed heating circuits eliminate the need for an overflow valve, which further simplifies installation and reduces the risk of errors.

The Helox series at a glance

  • Heating, cooling and domestic hot water preparation
  • Sizes 11 with 10kW and 16 with 13kW
  • Flow temperatures up to 78°C
  • Up to 52 kW heating capacity (cascade)
  • Climate-neutral, natural refrigerant propane (R290)
  • Compact monoblock design
  • Cooling +7 °C (A35/W18 max. 10 kW / 12 kW cooling capacity)
  • NEW: Hydraulic tower with 280 l domestic hot water tank, 85 l buffer tank, 2 circulation pumps and heating element
  • Innovative inverter control
  • Sound-decoupled compressor
  • Integrated filter ball


The path to the perfect heat pump

Are you an end customer and interested in a Helox air/water heat pump? Our specialist partners are located throughout Germany and are on hand to advise you and dimension your system. You design your Helox heat pump for the future and not for the moment. After all, you need climate-friendly, energy-efficient and economical heating for the entire service life of your heat pump. For an initial assessment, you can use our " Savings calculator for renovation" to compare your current heating system with a heat pump.

Do you have an installation company or a wholesale business and are interested in the future-proof Helox propane heat pump series? Our hands-on system solutions and comprehensive services will convince you. Like all NOVELAN appliances, the Helox is developed in Germany and manufactured exclusively with high-quality materials.


High performance reserves for renovation and modernization

Thanks to the natural refrigerant propane, every Helox air/water heat pump achieves flow temperatures well above 70°C. Even at -22°C and a flow temperature of 65°C, the devices with 10 or 13 kW heat output do not need to be switched on with a heating rod. This makes them an excellent option for replacing heating systems in unrenovated old buildings.

Our decades of experience with the natural refrigerant propane (R290) have gone into the Helox. With a GWP of 0.02, propane has practically no greenhouse effect and ensures energy-efficient operation. The operators of a Helox therefore benefit from a heat pump with outstanding heating and cooling efficiency and a convincing climate footprint.


The sound level of an air/water heat pump should not be an issue in densely built-up residential areas. All Helox air/water heat pumps have excellent sound and vibration optimization and intelligent volume control. The integrated night mode ensures particularly low sound emission values. The corresponding measured values in dB (A) can be found in the technical data.


When we designed the Helox air/water heat pumps, we laid the foundations for easy handling and installation. We know that manpower is a rare resource in the sector. That's why the comparatively light and compact Helox units can be transported easily. The commissioning assistant and prefabricated connection sets ensure short installation and setup times.


The heat pump can be easily controlled with the RBE+ room control unit. It allows you to set the hot domestic water and room temperature from the living room. The touch display clearly shows information about the current operating status (heating, hot water, cooling, PV) and the current indoor, outdoor and hot water temperatures. The integrated room sensor controls the efficient and demand-oriented performance of the heat pump.


Of course, all Helox heat pumps are Smart Grid Ready. This means they can be easily integrated into intelligent power grids. We provide operators and installers with various digital tools such as remote control via the myUplink platform, photovoltaic control or connection to the solar manager - for the optimization of energy efficiency, more comfort and full system control.

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