Refurbishment with heat pumps

A heat pump as an alternative in modernization? Many building owners and renovators have doubts as to whether it can be integrated without any problems and whether it makes sense under the conditions prevailing on site. Such doubts are understandable, but they can be examined in detail by a specialist installer and usually dispelled quickly. After all, no other heating system is as flexible and adaptable as modern heat pumps. If you rely on the high quality standards of NOVELAN heat pumps and want a heating system with a future, you've come to the right place!

Why replace oil/gas now?

Replace fossil heating systems - get rid of your old oil or gas heating system

In Germany, more than 35% of all heating systems are more than 20 years old and are therefore already technically far surpassed. Buildings are among the largest producers of CO2 and consume many times more energy than is often actually needed. With modern heat pumps from NOVELAN, you can easily replace your old oil or gas heating system with an efficient heating system and make an important contribution to climate protection.

Disadvantages gas/oil

  • CO2 tax, rising prices for fossil fuels
  • Fossil heating must be combined with solar energy to meet modern efficiency requirements.
  • Obligation to replace oil heating and oil tanks after 30 years
  • Dirt, soot, fine dust and stench
  • High costs for chimney sweep & maintenance
  • Dependence on suppliers
  • Stockpiling of oil/gas - space requirements/loss of living space

Advantages novelan heat pumps

  • Heat pumps are politically desired and extremely promoted
  • Increase in value of your property
  • Already the best solution for new buildings
  • Less maintenance necessary
  • 1/4 electr. energy = min. 4/4 therm. Energy
  • Up to 15 years full protection*

Funktionsweise Wärmepumpe Grafik

heating system with many advantages

Heat pumps in modernization

If you look at the advantages in terms of living comfort in combination with ecological aspects, it becomes clear: The performance of a heat pump can hardly be surpassed by other heating systems. The heat pump not only stands for environmentally friendly and efficient heating, but also for a more sustainable future for us and future generations. If the heat pump is additionally operated with green electricity, it even works completely CO2-neutral. This also applies, of course, if self-generated photovoltaic power is used for its operation.

This is what needs to be considered:

The old oil boiler is to be exchanged for an energy-efficient and climate-friendly heat pump? Then the only thing missing now is the decision for the right product that fits the individual requirements and wishes. The decisive factors here are the conditions on site and the nature of the building. It is therefore important to check in advance whether the insulation standard of the house, the size of the existing heating surfaces and the flow temperature of the heat pump system are compatible. Likewise, the noise level plays an important role, as this is between 30 and 50 decibels for the heat pump.

With all the conditions that need to be met, the heat pump professional in the area is the right contact. He checks the conditions on site and advises on the suitable heat pump.

Heat pumps in old buildings - heating modernization with NOVELAN heat pumps

Our solutions for your heating modernization

The simplest and most affordable solution in renovation is an air/water heat pump for outdoor installation. The extremely quiet heat pumps of the LAD(V) series can be used to modernize single-family houses with a heating capacity of up to 11 kW. Due to the integrated capacity control of the LADV, the heat pump perfectly adapts to your actual demand for heat and hot water. The natural refrigerant R290 is not only particularly climate-friendly, it also ensures high flow temperatures of up to 70 °C.

As a result, conversion work on the heating system is usually easier than expected. In many cases, the existing heating radiators can continue to be operated or it is sufficient to use radiators with larger heating surfaces.

We also have heat pumps in our range for large houses that require a higher heating load, e.g. our LA 16.1HV.

Property value in relation to heat pumps

The heat pump sustainably increases the price of your property. This is because the use of a modern and future-oriented heating system also improves the building energy certificate of the property. At the same time, the value can be increased by up to approx. 20. 000 euros.

Advantages of a heat pump in refurbishment

  1. Who relies on a heat pump, makes himself independent of fossil fuels.
  2. The heat pump draws its energy from the environment and requires only a small amount of electricity. Thus, the heat pump is a particularly climate-friendly heating system that saves a lot of CO2.
  3. When changing to a climate-friendly heating system, there are attractive subsidies from the BEG.
  4. In the long run, the price of your property will increase as the building energy certificate improves.

where does the green footprint come from?

by converting to a modern heat pump, you are foregoing the use of fossil fuels and focusing on the future, climate and environmental protection.

your children will thank you and can follow in your green footsteps later.