Enough power for 3 floors

After the owners of the apartment building from 1996 had a PV system installed on the roof last year, the building's heat supply is now also becoming significantly more sustainable. The newly installed HELOX 16 air/water heat pump has sufficient output to heat the 270 m² of living space efficiently and in a climate-friendly way. Thanks to its compact dimensions and quiet operation, it was easy to install the heat pump in the entrance area of the house.

Compact and powerful

NOVELAN heat pump helox 16

NOVELAN Helox 16 Wärmepumpe

The spacious building, which contains 3 residential units, was previously heated with a gas boiler. "We wanted to become more sustainable here and also use the electricity from the roof as efficiently as possible", said the owners. "That's why we decided to install an air/water heat pump."

The choice was made to install the HELOX 16 from NOVELAN, whose heating capacity is ideally suited to the house, which previously required around 2800 m³ of gas per year.

The heat pump was positioned next to the house entrance in the front garden. As the boiler room is located directly behind it in the basement, the hydraulic modul installed inside could easily be connected via a hydraulic connection pipe ,which, in addition to the flow and return to the heat pump, also has empty conduits for the electrical wiring.

Thanks to the compact dimensions of the HELOX 16,  there is still enough space in the front garden for a comfortable passageway and the low noise emissions mean that there are no problems with the neighbors.

Einfamilienhaus in Kulmbach, beheizt mit NOVELAN Helox 16 Wärmepumpe