frequently asked questions about heat pumps


As a major pioneer in the heat pump market and product brand of ait-deutschland, NOVELAN has been developing, producing and distributing market-appropriate and user-friendly heat pumps to wholesalers for more than two decades. Our products are constantly being further developed in our own research and development center, while the range of products and services is constantly being expanded. The heat pumps from Kasendorf stand for quality, innovation, easy installation and handling as well as reliable operation.

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Is the heat pump eligible for subsidies?

Switching to a NOVELAN heat pump pays off: There are many ways to receive financing and/or subsidies. Institutions of the German government (KfW, BAFA) grant low-interest loans or subsidies, and in some regions of Germany there are also interesting regional offers. In addition, financing offers from the house banks and other financing partners can also be interesting in some cases. In order to make the best possible use of subsidies, we have our partner ""PUR GmbH"" on our side, which secures the maximum subsidy amounts for you.

Does a heat pump also works with photovoltaics?

Yes, a photovoltaic system can be combined with a heat pump. The combination allows the produced solar power to be used directly for heat production. 

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What does JAZ mean?

As an efficiency key figure, the JAZ provides information on the relation between the required electrical operating energy and the generated thermal energy. Temperature fluctuations of the heat source over the course of the year are also taken into account. The EER stands for the quotient of the energy input and output, i.e. the higher the EER, the more efficient the heat pump. Efficient heat pumps have an EER of 3.0 to 4.5, depending on the heat source. So, at a value of 4.0, the heat pump provides four times as much heat energy as it has to use in electrical energy to produce it.

How does a heat pump work?

In general, the way a heat pump works is identical to that of a refrigerator: while the refrigerator extracts heat from its interior and releases it to the outside, the heat pump extracts heat from the outside - i.e., the heat source - and releases it as heating energy.

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How do the operating costs change in relation to the flow temperature?

A higher flow temperature of 1 °C results in 2.5% higher operating costs. Low-temperature heating systems and surface heating systems, such as floor, ceiling and wall heating systems, are therefore the most energy-efficient.

What services does NOVELAN offer?

NOVELAN offers a range of services tailored to your needs. Whether for single-family and two-family homes, for large residential buildings or industry. 

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Does a heat pump also work in winter?

Even on very cold days, the heat pump provides comfortable temperatures in your home. The heat pump “pumps” the environmental energy to an appropriate temperature and therefore ensures a warm home even on very cold winter days. Our air/water heat pump works when the outside air temperature is as low as -20 °C.

Can heat pumps also be installed in existing buildings or used in modernization?

Of course, heat pumps can be used in modernization or renovation.

What are the advantages of heat pumps?

Heat pumps score points over fossil fuel heating systems because of their eco-balance, energy efficiency and sustainability. They also can't be beaten in terms of cost efficiency, in terms of their lifespan.

Are there any requirements for the equipment/installation room?

For an externally installed air/water heat pump, you only need the space for the hot water tank and various accessories. A small space in the storage room is sufficient for this. In the garden, the heat pump requires a space of less than 2m², but the distances to buildings and borders must be taken into account. For heat pumps indoors, you need a little more space, but in most cases a room of 8-12m² is enough.

What does a heat pump cost compared to other heating systems?

At first glance, the investment costs for a heat pump are higher than those for a conventional heating system. A realistic consideration of equipment costs plus development costs, maintenance, etc. reflects a different picture. In addition, you currently receive up to 40% government subsidies (Germany).

What is the service lifespan of a heat pump?

A heat pump has a service life of 15-20 years. Since the development of heat pump technology is advancing rapidly and there are numerous government subsidies, it may even be beneficial to replace a ten-year-old heat pump with a new one.

How noisy is a heat pump?

It's relatively quiet compared to other heating systems. Heat pumps from NOVELAN operate as quiet as a whisper due to innovative sound insulation. This also predestines our heat pumps for installation on the living level, such as in the utility or storage room.