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Concepts for the housing industry

Around 400,000 new apartments are needed in Germany every year. At the same time, building owners and developers must meet the stricter conditions of the GEG in new buildings. NOVELAN's supply concepts for equipping new apartments and buildings make these challenges much easier: they are tailored precisely to these and to the applicable funding guidelines.

Regenerative solutions for apartement complexes

customized supply concepts.

A genius and simple idea - floor heating with a heat pump

NOVELAN's apartment building concept revolutionizes heating and hot water supply in apartment buildings. Individual heat pumps in each residential unit make it easy to meet the mandatory requirements of the German Drinking Water Ordinance in apartment buildings. This concept drastically reduces the amount of energy required compared to centralized solutions. By integrating other energy sources such as photovoltaics, solar thermal energy or waste heat from elevator shafts, stairwells or bathrooms, this concept becomes even more efficient and operating costs are significantly reduced.

In addition to electricity, heat pumps use free and renewable energy from nature, saving CO² and thus making an active contribution to environmental protection.

Brine/water central heating system WSV

Each residential unit is equipped with underfloor heating or radiators and a NOVELAN WSV heat center for decentralized domestic hot water preparation and heating. Only the cooling pipe is provided centrally. Decentralized heating makes it possible to set one's own room temperature independently of other residential parties. Only as many resources as necessary are used - there are no losses in a widely connected central hot water network/heating network. It also makes the wait for hot drinking water a thing of the past.

The WSV central heating unit provides comfortable heat (optionally pleasant coolness) and hygienic domestic hot water - all combined in one unit. The units can be easily installed anywhere and are ideal for new buildings or modernization projects. A domestic hot water storage tank with a capacity of 186l is already integrated and ensures sufficient hot water at all times. The unit is particularly quiet in operation and, with a space requirement of less than half a square meter, can be accommodated anywhere in the house, even in the smallest of spaces. The brand new, power-controlled concepts are masters in efficiency and flexibility. As soon as a power-controlled heat pump receives a request for heat, continuous operation of the heat pump occurs with adjusted power output, regardless of the building's demand. This makes it possible to achieve an improved annual performance factor and thus particularly high efficiency. Ideal also for all those who are likely to change their usage behavior in subsequent years - the heat pump adjusts automatically!

Advantages at one glance

The genius and simple concept for decentralized, residential supply of drinking water and heat offers many advantages:


  • Up to 3.5 times more efficient than central system concepts
  • Can be used in new buildings and renovations
  • Low billing costs, only cold water meter
  • Self-responsible residential units in consumption and use
  • No large storage of drinking water, thus hardly any risk of legionella bacteria
  • Optional cooling function
  • Low construction effort
  • Control via smartphone with NOVELAN Web
  • Quiet operation - max. 36 dB(A)
  • Power-controlled operation for small and large residential units
  • Active contribution to environmental protection
  • Independent of oil and gas

High-quality design - perfect integration into any living unit

Heating, cooling and domestic hot water preparation in one. Comfortable heat and pleasant coolness, plus hygienic and clean hot water thanks to an integrated domestic hot water tank: the WS(V) central heating system offers all this - in other words, an all-round carefree package. What's more, it can be used anywhere, in new builds or refurbishments, in single-family homes or in apartment buildings as a floor heating system.

  • Harmonious integration - high-quality, modern, neutral design
  • No foreign object in the apartment
  • Hardly audible - sound-optimized design and special night mode
  • Compact - small space requirement

Visually as well as sonically no disturbance - almost invisible