NOVELAN Project Raesfeld

The municipality of Raesfeld is located in the western part of the Münsterland. There, the local construction company K-R Bau is building a property with currently twelve privately owned apartments. It is characterized not only by barrier-free living, but above all by energy-efficient and environmentally friendly geothermal heat pumps.

The property

K-R Bau, a construction company based in Raesfeld, has decided to add twelve apartments to the range of housing available in the municipality of Raesfeld - barrier-free and environmentally friendly. Because energy-efficient construction is future-oriented and financially attractive. The reason is simple: on the one hand, the operating costs for heating systems with high energy efficiency are comparatively low, and on the other hand, considerable subsidies are available today for buildings with a good energy balance.

The property in the Borkener Strasse consists of two buildings of six residential units each, which are built above the shared underground parking garage. The total of eight three-room apartments on the first floor and upper floor are each around 80 square meters in size. In the top floor, there are four two-room apartments, each with around 60 square meters of living space. Each apartment is accessible by elevator from the underground parking garage.

Heating energy from the earth

HEat pump WSV

Heating is provided by underfloor heating. The energy for this comes from the earth: each residential unit is equipped with a brine/water heat pump, a power-controlled heat pump (WSV).

A particularly practical feature of installing the NOVELAN heat center inside the apartment is that the unit runs very quietly. And it takes up less than half a square meter of floor space – less than a washing machine. Installer Werner Vorholt: "There's a small storage room in each apartment, and that's where we put the WSV, which fits wonderfully."

Decentralized heat supply

The system generates heat for heating and domestic hot water. For this purpose, each of these devices from NOVELAN has its own integrated storage tank with a capacity of 180 liters for domestic hot water. For the heating systems, there is an additional so-called heat source buffer storage tank with a capacity of 500 liters per half of the house in the underground garage. This storage tank temporarily stores the geothermal energy that enters the house via the geothermal probes.

One advantage of this decentralized heating solution is that each apartment is responsible for its own energy consumption for heating and domestic hot water. This eliminates the need for central billing – and those who rent out can set correspondingly low cold rents.

In addition, the housing developer – and ultimately the purchaser – saves effort and costs due to the fact that decentralized domestic water preparation means that there are no obligations regarding the drinking water regulations.